Month: August 2016

Inspiration or Imitation: The Intellectual Property Conundrum

Ed Sheeran is facing a lawsuit alleging that his smash hit “We Found Love” is a rip off Marvin Gaye’s iconic single, “Let’s Get It On”. This isn’t first time a popular artist has been accused of borrowing from the past. Fans noted the striking similarities between “Some Nights” by the indie rock band, Fun, and Simon and Garfunkel’s, “Cecilia”.… Read more →

Artists Don’t Get Paid To Do The Superbowl, So Why Do They Perform?

The NFL Championship Game, better known as the Super Bowl, is an American institution. The event has garnered the highest ratings in TV history multiple times, taking 18 of the top 20 spots for a single program, according to Nielsen. In many ways, its popularity has been bolstered by the appearance of high profile celebrities during the halftime show as… Read more →